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Aqua Aurora Energetic Plate 80 cm


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Aqua Aurora

Aqua Aurora energetic plate (obv frequency of shell lime) in heavy-duty conditions, large rooms and in therapeutic environments.

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An 80-cm Aqua Aurora Energetic Plate can transmit not only more energy, but also information. Thus, all kinds of stressful frequencies are cleared and replaced by the frequency pattern of shell limestone (natural vibration). The energy is transferred by making contact with the plate or placing the plate in the room to be treated for a longer period of time. People, plants and animals respond immediately and become more vital themselves. The result is less stressful conditions, fewer health problems in people and less disease and failure in plants and animals.

The Aqua Aurora Energetic Plate of 80 cm

The plate has a diameter of 80 cm and consists of a single stainless steel plate with rubber edge. This plate is ideal for heavy-duty conditions, large spaces and as an aid in therapeutic environments. It is also suitable for industrial applications with a treatment time of at least 1 hour.

The operation of a Aqua Aurora Energetic Plate is simple. It is a stainless steel plate, in which the desired frequency (shell calcium) is stored. The plate emits this frequency to its environment. The plate erases incriminating frequencies and replaces them with the frequencies of matter (shell limestone).

What could you do with the Aqua Aurora energetic plate? Some examples:

  • Stand on it barefoot to balance out and ground. Radiation load in your body is neutralised.
  • Do you sleep badly? Place the plate under the mattress at the level of your chest. You might sleep better and feel more rested.
  • Tired? Sit on the slab for a while.
  • Put devices on the plate for 30 minutes to neutralise radiation exposure from your devices (think of your phone, watch, router, baby monitor etc).
  • Place the plate under the keyboard of your computer if you sit at it for a bit longer (a must with the laptop on your lap!!).
  • Regularly slide the plate onto the middle shelf in your fridge for at least 30 minutes. And under the fruit bowl.
  • Put your full shopping bag on the plate for 30 minutes before unpacking it.
  • Put medicine on it for 30 minutes (may be in the pack).
  • Place the plate under the seat in the car during a long drive and get less tired (a must in an electric car!!).
  • Hang the plate from the ceiling in the middle of a room. The air becomes fresher and odours tend to disappear.
  • Lay your clothes on it and thus also increase your resilience to radiation.
  • and........everything else you invent yourself!

There are several models:

Aqua Aurora Energetic Plate of 30 cm
Aqua Aurora Energetic Plate 30 cm extra strong
Aqua Aurora Energy plate of 80 cm

Applications of other Aqua Aurora vitalisers

Not just water with the faucet vitaliser, but also other liquids, gases and also solids can be vitalised. When vitalising air, one sees the oxygen content increase and in the case of seeds and seedlings, one sees the germination power increase, the quality improve and the yield increase. The oxygen content of the blood also increases when one goes through a breath vitaliser breathe. Shell lime vitalisers are universally applicable and a very effective investment for both consumers and businesses. Good for our health, in all kinds of processes and for our environment.

For all Aqua Aurora shell lime vitalisers, see our range, the overview page.

Specifications of Aqua Aurora Energetic Plate

General information
● Application: in heavy-duty conditions, large spaces and as an aid in therapeutic environments.
● Maintenance: none
● Lifetime: with normal use, they last a lifetime
Warranty on material: 5 years
Technical specification
● Material: stainless steel 316
External dimensions
● Length: 80 cm
● Width: 80 cm

Instructions for use of Aqua Aurora Energetic Plate

Always use the plate for at least 30 minutes to energetically charge yourself or products. For other uses: customised advice. All plates can be used on both sides, last a lifetime and require no maintenance. Cleaning can be done with a dry or damp soft cloth. Use the plate in such a way that no damage occurs to it. Drilling or welding into the sheets will impair their function.


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