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Aqua Aurora Crane vitaliser with combination couplings


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Aqua Aurora

Aqua Aurora Tap vitaliser (shell lime-based), you instantly vitalise tap water and reap the benefits. Vital water!

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Aqua Aurora Energetic Pen (obv frequency of shell limestone), vitalises all liquids by stirring, handy to take with you outdoors.

Aqua Aurora Energetische Plaat 30 cm

Aqua Aurora energetic plate (obv frequency of shell limestone) for stressful conditions (e.g. radiation, toxins) in the home, work environment and food.

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Aqua Aurora Douchevitaliser met aansluitstukken

Aqua Aurora Shower vitaliser (shell lime based) incl. connection fittings, for direct connection to the shower's mixer tap. Vital water!

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A Aqua Aurora Tap vitaliser restores the water to its natural vibration. The vitaliser works on the frequency of shell lime. This eliminates unnatural frequencies of radiation and energetic loads of other toxic substances. People, plants and animals respond immediately and become more vital themselves. The result is fewer health problems in people and less disease and failure in plants and animals.

The Aqua Aurora Crane vitaliser

Connect this vitaliser to the kitchen or bathroom tap and you have one vitalised tap.

The combination coupler consists of two parts. If the tap has an external thread, only mount the larger part of the combination coupler. If the tap has a female thread, you also use the small part of the combi coupler.

The operation of a Aqua Aurora Tap vitaliser is simple. The vitaliser consists of a stainless steel tube through which water flows. The double-walled water-carrying tube is stainless steel 316, which is certified for the food industry. The vitaliser is filled with matter in which the desired frequency (shell lime) is stored. It releases this frequency to the passing water. The vitaliser erases incriminating frequencies and replaces them with the frequency of the matter (shell lime) in the vitaliser.

Vitalising water

When vitalising water with the Aqua Aurora Crane vitaliser, a frequency is transferred. In the case of the Aqua Aurora vitalisers, deviating from other vitalisers, frequencies are mainly worked with based on shell lime (this is still very close to the original primal information of our earth, as it were the vibration of mother earth). This therefore makes these vitalisers unique compared to other vitalisers. Apart from more energy, vitalisers can also transmit information.

Water, which comes out of our taps today, is heavily influenced by its unnatural environment. Water is chemically purified and then transported to consumers through elaborate piping systems. During this process, water loses its original strength and absorbs all kinds of taxing information. For instance, we know that water is burdened with radiation such as from power lines, transmission towers and generators. But we also know that when water is chemically cleansed, the loads are still present energetically. Vitalisers can erase this burdening information and replace it with the frequencies of shell lime. Thus, the water regains its original power and negative frequencies are erased.


Not only water, but also other liquids, gases and also solids can be vitalised. When vitalising air, one sees the oxygen content increase and, in the case of seeds and seedlings, the germination rate increases, quality improves and yields increase. The oxygen content of the blood also increases when one goes through a breath vitaliser breathe. Shell lime vitalisers are universally applicable and a very effective investment for both consumers and businesses. Good for our health, in all kinds of processes and for our environment.

For all Aqua Aurora shell lime vitalisers, see our range, the overview page.

Specifications of Aqua Aurora Crane vitaliser

General information
● Application: to be connected to (outdoor) taps
● Maintenance: none
● Lifetime: with normal use, they last a lifetime
Warranty on material: 5 years
● Always allow water and air to flow through the vitaliser from the thick side to the thin side!
● Notes: universally applicable, provides neutral soft taste of water.
Technical specification
● Material: stainless steel 316 (meets food industry requirements)
● Passage: 10 mm
● Connection: 3/8 inch
External dimensions
● Length: approx. 70 mm
● Width: approx. 40 mm
Pressure class: PN 10
● Flow direction inlet: obtuse side
● Flow direction outlet: tapered side
Connection materials: via supplied combination coupling, internal and external thread

Assembly & operating instructions of Aqua Aurora Crane vitaliser

Remove the pergulator from the tap and connect the connector to the tap. Then screw the faucet vitaliser onto the connector. The combination coupler fits 90% of faucets. If the standard coupler does not fit the faucet, consult a plumbing shop for the coupler that fits your faucet or look online on websites of e.g. Wasco or OEG for the correct coupler. Use sealing tape if necessary.

2 reviews for Aqua Aurora Kraanvitaliser met combikoppelingen

  1. E.L Vogel (verified owner)

    The material looks solid and good quality. Is of good quality.

  2. Laurens van Mourik (verified owner)

    Works very well!

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