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Berkey Water filters Priming Starter Kit


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The Berkey Water Filter Priming Starter Kit helps priming, properly assembling and checking your Berkey water filter!

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Berkey Water Filter Priming Starter Kit - This kit is ideal for Berkey users to help priming the Black Berkey filter elements, assemble the water filter properly and check that everything is assembled correctly.

The Priming Starter Kit contains the following components:

● 1x Prime Rite Universal Primer: handy tool to make the Black Berkey filter elements priming with the tap.
● 1x Prime Rite Fluoride & Arsenic filter adapter: an adapter to also use the Fluoride & Arsenic filters easily primed.
● 1x Anti-Airlock Clip (Vapor Lock Clip): sometimes a Berkey water filter pulls a vacuum in the lower container, this clip ensures this does not happen and is easy to place on the rim of the lower container.
● 2x small bottle of red dye: you can use the red dye to test whether you have fitted your Berkey water filter properly on the 1st time or after a cleaning. For this test, see also our instructional videos.

Indeed, the first step in preparing a Berkey water filter is priming Black Berkey filter elements. It is important that this is done properly, otherwise purifying the water will take a very long time. Priming should be done before inserting the so Black Berkey elements into the Berkey water filter. Priming involves forcing some water through the element under a slight pressure to ensure that the Black Berkey purification element gets wet inside (air goes out of the element). As a result, you benefit from hefty filter speed from each element. For priming, you can use a Priming Button, a small rubber ring that allows you to run the element on a tap. This comes standard with the Black Berkey filter elements in the box. Or so you use the Prime Rite Universal Primer, part of this Priming Starter Kit. In addition, this kit thus includes an adaptor for the Fluoride & Arsenic filters, a Anti-Airlock Clip (Vapor Lock Clip) for when the Berkey water filter happens to vacuum and red dye to check if the Berkey water filter is installed properly. So with this, you're all set for the perfect Berkey experience!

The manual for this Priming Starter Kit can be downloaded here: click here.

1 review for Berkey Waterfilters Priming Starter Kit

  1. Vera (verified owner)

    A handy set for the Berkey filters.

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