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Black Berkey Primer


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The Black Berkey Primer allows easy priming of Black Berkey elements without the need for a tap or other water supply.

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Black Berkey Primer - You can primer the Black Berkey purification elements in two ways. Priming must be done before you can start using the Black Berkey elements in the Berkey water filter. Priming involves forcing some water through the element under a slight pressure to ensure that the Black Berkey purification element gets wet inside (air goes out of the element). As a result, you benefit from hefty volume rates from each element. To prime, you can use a Priming Button, a small foam ring that allows you to run the element on a tap. This comes standard with the Black Berkey elements in the box. Should you lose them, they can be reordered from us. If priming with the tap does not work, or if the tap is not suitable, you can use the Black Berkey Primer offered here.

The Black Berkey Primer is a hand-driven primer pump that allows easy priming of Black Berkey elements without the need for a tap or other water supply. The primer saturates the elements with water before use, this allows water to be well purified all over the element and has sufficient speed. To use the primer, immerse the Black Berkey element in water and attach the primer to the stem of the element. Squeezing the bulb will draw the water to the centre of the Black Berkey element. Once the element is saturated, the water runs through the primer and comes out the other side. The Black Berkey element is ready for use.

The Black Berkey Primer can also clean (or backwash) elements with air instead of water. This cleans the perforated pores of the carbon filter wall. Cleaning the elements results in two things: (1) it removes dirt from the pores that has accumulated there during use, and (2) it reduces the time needed to dry the filters before storing them.

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