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Bo-Bottle 250S (0.25L) glass drinking bottle with stainless steel removable bottom


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De Bo-Bottle 250S (0,25L) fles valt onder de on-the-go categorie met 6,8cm diameter. De kleinste Bo-Bottles fles met een inhoud van 250ml.

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De Bo-Bottle 250S (0,25L) fles valt onder de on-the-go categorie met zijn handzame diameter van 6,8cm. Het is de kleinste fles van Bo-Bottles met een inhoud van 250ml. De fles is uitermate geschikt voor een heerlijke smoothie of fruitwater. Denk bijvoorbeeld ook aan het gebruik als olijfolieflesje, lekker om je eigen verse kruiden of pepers aan toe te voegen of een setje maken samen met Balsamico. Voeg daarom een spout toe. Alles is mogelijk met deze duurzame glazen fles met afschroefbare bodem.

Specificaties van de Bo-Bottle 250S glazen drinkfles:

● Inhoud van 250ml
● Diameter van Ø 64mm
● Removable bottom
● Ideaal voor fruitwater en smoothies
● Easy to fill with e.g. fruit and ice cubes
● Easy to clean
● Also available in 500ml


The Bo-Bottles drinking bottles

The first glass bottle with a screw-off bottom. All Bo-Bottles are made of the hard scratch-free Borosilicate glass and are therefore durable. Borosilicate glass is in fact a very hard, heat-resistant glass with a longer lifespan than other types of glass and therefore remains beautiful during intensive use and can also take a beating. The cap and the removable bottom are made of durable stainless steel. The inside of the caps is made of polypropylene: a toxic-free hard plastic that is resistant to bacterial growth. This is the only plastic used throughout the bottle. Inside both caps is a removable, and therefore replaceable, silicone closure ring that ensures that the bottle 100% is watertight.
Collectively contributing to plastic reduction: The goal of Bo-Bottles is to replace refillable and single-use plastic drinking bottles. Of course, we only welcome this!

Alle voordelen op een rij van de Bo-Bottle 250S glazen drinkfles:

✔ HEALTHY - Because the bottle is made of Borosilicate glass and not harmful plastic.
✔ 100% LEAKFREE - Due to the loose and thus replaceable silicone rings.
✔ NO BITE - Because in glass, drinks retain their original flavour.
✔ HYGIENIC - The screw-off top and bottom make it easy to clean the Bo-Bottles. This way, the bottle can also be easily put in the dishwasher.
✔ SUSTAINABLE - The glass Bo-Bottles reduce the consumption of plastic drinking bottles, thus contributing to a more sustainable world. Also, the Bo-Bottles are designed so that all parts are replaceable.
✔ removable base - So that the bottle can be filled from the bottom with ice cubes and fresh fruit, among other things.
✔ DUTCH DESIGN - All components of the Bo-Bottles are designed in the Netherlands and meet the high requirements of the US FDA and the European MEA (food and drug authorities).
✔ ACCESSORIES - With a cork spout, cork pump or fruit cup (alleen voor ULTD modellen) zijn de mogelijkheden eindeloos.

Easily make your own fruit water

Door de afschroefbare bodem kun je de Bo-Bottle 250S vanaf de onderzijde vullen met jouw favorieten ingrediënten voor heerlijk fruitwater of een smoothie. Welke combinatie is jouw favoriet? Komkommer met munt en citroen, of toch liever een vitamineboost met sinaasappel en granaatappel?


Commissioning and cleaning:

● Rinse the bottle with warm water before the first use.
● The bottle is made of Borosilicate glass, the screw caps are stainless steel combined with BPA-free plastic, on the bottom are removable silicone sealing rings. Glass products are fragile.
● Check that the silicone rings are properly pressed in otherwise this could cause leakage.
● Keep the bottle away from fire or heat sources higher than 100 degrees Celsius to prevent breakage.
● Do not put the bottle in the microwave or freezer.
● Keep the bottle out of the reach of children under 7 years to avoid dangerous situations.
● The glass bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher. We recommend cleaning the screw caps manually, the washers can be cleaned separately if required.
● Do not use aggressive, abrasive cleaners or solvents for cleaning.
● Products containing salt can corrode the stainless steel, therefore do not store in the bottle for more than 72 hours, then clean the bottle and screw caps with clean water.


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