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Bo-Bottle Jacket pink (elastic and thermal) for 500S and 750ULTD


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The elastic thermal Bo-Bottle jacket pink is made of neoprene and suitable for the Bo-Bottle 500S and the Bo-Bottle 750ULTD.

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The elastic thermal Bo-Bottle jacket pink is made of neoprene and suitable for the Bo-Bottle 500S and the Bo-Bottle 750ULTD. It keeps drinks at the desired temperature for longer. Ideal for travelling to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea while travelling in the train, bus or car. Or in the summer months to keep your drink cooler for longer with ice-cold water with lemon, for example.

Specifications of the Bo-Bottle jacket pink:

● Thermal material
● Keeps drinks at the desired temperature for longer
● Also available in black
● To be used in combination with Bo-Bottle 500S and Bo-Bottle 750ULTD


More information on Bo-Bottles drinking bottles

The first glass bottle with a screw-off bottom. All Bo-Bottles are made of the hard scratch-free Borosilicate glass and are therefore durable. Borosilicate glass is in fact a very hard, heat-resistant glass with a longer lifespan than other types of glass and therefore remains beautiful during intensive use and can also take a beating. The cap and the removable bottom are made of durable stainless steel. The inside of the caps is made of polypropylene: a toxic-free hard plastic that is resistant to bacterial growth. This is the only plastic used throughout the bottle. Inside both caps is a removable, and therefore replaceable, silicone closure ring that ensures that the bottle 100% is watertight.
Collectively contributing to plastic reduction: The goal of Bo-Bottles is to replace refillable and single-use plastic drinking bottles. Of course, we only welcome this!

All the advantages of the Bo-Bottles drinking bottles at a glance:

✔ HEALTHY - Because the bottle is made of Borosilicate glass and not harmful plastic.
✔ 100% LEAKFREE - Due to the loose and thus replaceable silicone rings.
✔ NO BITE - Because in glass, drinks retain their original flavour.
✔ HYGIENIC - The screw-off top and bottom make it easy to clean the Bo-Bottles. This way, the bottle can also be easily put in the dishwasher.
✔ SUSTAINABLE - The glass Bo-Bottles reduce the consumption of plastic drinking bottles, thus contributing to a more sustainable world. Also, the Bo-Bottles are designed so that all parts are replaceable.
✔ removable base - So that the bottle can be filled from the bottom with ice cubes and fresh fruit, among other things.
✔ DUTCH DESIGN - All components of the Bo-Bottles are designed in the Netherlands and meet the high requirements of the US FDA and the European MEA (food and drug authorities).
✔ ACCESSORIES - With a cork spout, cork pump or fruit cup the possibilities are endless.


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