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Organic Children's Tea Apple Pie Pool 15 sachets - Okae for Kids


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Okae for Kids

Kinderthee Apple Pie Pool van Okae for Kids is een smaakvolle biologische rooibos thee van hoge kwaliteit, met echte stukjes appel en kaneelstokjes.

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Melanie Alaerds

Kinderthee Apple Pie Pool van Okae for Kids – Bij de gehele ontwikkeling van Okae for Kids kinderthee hebben kinderen centraal gestaan. Zo hebben ze eerlijk hun mening gegeven over de smaak en de verpakking, maar zijn er ook bewust keuzes gemaakt voor alleen de allerbeste ingrediënten. Bovendien is alleen thee gekozen die ook koud heerlijk te drinken is. Op deze manier biedt deze kinderthee een gezond en smaakvol alternatief voor limonades en frisdranken!

Kinderthee Apple Pie Pool is een smaakvolle biologische rooibos thee van hoge kwaliteit, met echte stukjes appel en kaneelstokjes. De zachte, zoete smaak van rooibos in combinatie met heerlijke kaneel zorgen voor een ultiem wintergevoel. Speel buiten, wordt lekker vies en geniet daarna samen bij de kachel van een heerlijk kopje Apple Pie Pool kinderthee!

De thee bevat geen suiker en doordat er ook geen cafeïne (ook wel theïne) in zit wordt hij nooit bitter van smaak. Hierdoor kan hij ook erg goed koud gedronken worden, als suikervrije limonade of als ijsthee. Kinderthee Apple Pie Pool trekt snel in koud water, dus een speciale zetmethode is bij deze thee niet nodig.

The tea is carefully packaged in unbleached pyramid bags made of eco-friendly PLA, derived from starchy plants such as maize. The material therefore contains no microplastics, nor has any plastic been used to close the bag or attach the label to the bag. This makes the bags 100% biodegradable!

Loose tea
Okae children's tea bags are also extra large. The more space the tea gets in the teacup or mug, the better the aroma, flavour and colour is released into the water. Large tea bags give you the effect of loose tea, as it were, but with the convenience of a tea bag. Great with (small) children!

Pregnancy tea
When you are pregnant, of course you still want to enjoy delicious tea! However, many teas contain caffeine and, as a pregnant woman, you obviously don't want to ingest too much of that. All Okae's teas are caffeine-free, which makes them very suitable for pregnant women.


Content: 15 biodegradable pyramid bags of 2g (15x 2g = 30g). Each sachet can be used for several cups or a whole pot.

Ingredients: rooibos natural* apple* (21%), cinnamon sticks* (6%), fennel*, cloves*, liquorice*, natural flavouring.
* From certified organic cultivation. May contain traces of nuts, milk and soya.

Nutritional value per 100ML of tea: Energie 1kJ/0 kcal, Vetten <0,1 gr, waarvan verzadigd <0,1 gr, Koolhydraten <0,1 gr, waarvan suikers* <0,1 gr, Eiwitten <0,1 gr, Zout <0,01 gr.
* This product contains only naturally occurring sugars.


All features at a glance

Children's tea: Tea that also is delicious to drink cold. In this way, this tea offers a healthy and tasty alternative to lemonades and soft drinks!
Sugar-free: Most many -made-for-kids products contain very high levels of sugars. This children's tea is completely sugar-free!
0% Caffeine: Of course there is no caffeine in this tea, totally caffeine-free!
100% Organic: The hand-picked pieces of fruit and herbs used by Okae for Kids come from organic tea gardens and are produced and stored according to organic protocol.
Unique pyramid bags: The tea bags are unbleached and made of eco-friendly PLA, making the bags 100% biodegradable. In addition, the effect of loose tea is obtained by extra-large bags that optimise aroma, colour and flavour.
Available in 4 flavours: Both boys and girls of different ages tested all kinds of different teas until four real top flavours (Apple Pie Pool, Strawberry Spa, Lemon Lagoon & Mangoes Tea Tub) remained, which are delicious both hot and cold ánd give a nice colour to the water.



- Brewing recommendation: 1/3 cold water, 2/3 hot water, then steep for 3 minutes.
- Don't throw your bag away right away, you can feel free to use it again!
- Also very suitable as a pregnancy tea!
- For children from 12 months.
- Note that fruit and herb blends often take a little longer to infuse than rooibos tea, for example.
- Also delicious as an iced tea!


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