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MAYU Swirl Dolomite decanter with Vortex technology


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The MAYU Swirl Dolomite improves water quality and taste. The natural vortex, restructures and aerates the water with fresh oxygen.

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MAYU Swirl Dolomite - approach the essence of natural spring water!
The MAYU Swirl Dolomite uses the natural power of spiral movement (implosion) found throughout the universe. As a result, your water is refreshed, oxygenated, balanced and rejuvenated so that it tastes and hydrates better, just as nature intended.

Why the MAYU Swirl Dolomite?

Why aerate? Water retains its vibrancy and freshness by moving, but when it is squeezed and stagnant in pipes, it loses the energy, the vitality, that your body needs for full hydration. Just as wine needs to breathe to express its best flavour, the vortex movement of the MAYU Swirl Dolomite restores the lost vitality by bringing in oxygen and balancing and alkalising the true flavour and texture of your water (increasing the pH - the dissolved CO2 causes a chemical reaction that raises the pH) - only 6000 times faster than a normal decanter.

Inspired by nature. Supported by science.
Nature works very simply. She has 2 basic movements. One to break down, re-cycle life and one to build up life. The breaking down movement is the inside-out spiral in 3D, the explosion, the centrifugal movement. That movement is accompanied by noise, heat and increasing friction. The building up movement of nature is the from outside to inside, the centripetal movement. Or the vortex. It is accompanied by silence, cooling and increasing attraction. This is why everything 'alive' in nature uses this movement. It is the uplifting, vitalising movement. Indeed, it is the reason you can stand or a plant can rise against gravity. The blood in every being flows in a vortex and the sap in trees and plants flows in a vortex.
If you force water or another liquid or even air to create a vortex, you thereby change the properties for the better. So the basics of the MAYU Swirl Dolomite are actually quite simple: "Understanding and copying nature". The natural vortex dissolves fresh oxygen at lightning speed and accelerates the evaporation of harmful, volatile substances.
It aerates the water, just like good wine, but 6000 times faster than a normal carafe. So this carafe is also very good to use with wine.
Bring your water back to life with this state-of-the-art decanter with water-enhancing vortex technology!

What does the MAYU Swirl Dolomite consist of?

The carafe
The MAYU Swirl Dolomite hand-blown glass decanter is lightweight, crystal, dishwasher-safe, class A tempered borosilicate. The water drop design prevents stagnant areas in the carafe, allowing all water to flow freely. A mark of 1.5 litres is engraved on the side of the carafe.

The basics
The Vortex generator sits in the porcelain base of the MAYU Swirl. The solid-state load cells detect the presence of the decanter which automatically starts the swirling motion. Based on the amount of water in the carafe, the force and speed of the vortex is automatically controlled, creating a constant and perfect vortex. You easily turn off the vortex generator again via the touchscreen button.
Made of pure Jingdezhen porcelain coloured with only natural mineral dyes, the design is inspired by a pebble found at the bottom of a flowing river. PLEASE NOTE: Each base is unique and therefore no base is the same in terms of colour gradient as it is a porcelain mixture. The design on the photos with this product may therefore differ slightly from the delivered product. You can see in the photos that each base looks slightly different.

All benefits at a glance:

✔ INSPIRED BY NATURE: The MAYU Swirl makes use of the natural spiral movement used throughout the universe to build life. Even your blood flows this way. The MAYU makes tap water oxygenated and balanced again, making it better tasting and hydrating. Spring water as nature intended.
✔ BETTER WATER: The real magic of aeration comes when you taste the silky sweetness of MAYU water. Gone are the odours and chlorine. Gone are the harsh flavours. MAYU water is softer, tastier, balanced water that your body responds to instantly. How good is it? 85% of water testers preferred MAYU water to tap or mineral water. Children especially responded to the difference.
✔ Gorgeous DESIGN: Few things convey both visual and spiritual harmony as completely and beautifully as the perfect spiral shape of nature. The spiral swirl in the MAYU decanter attracts the human eye and triggers a conversation about water and nature. The MAYU Swirl is an addition to any table, whether you look at it or drink from it.
✔ A BETTER WORLD: Help eliminate plastic from the world! It's time to reflect on all those plastic bottles that are used once and then take hundreds of years to break down. Besides reducing that polluting waste with our all-glass carafes and water bottles, MAYU has also pledged 1% of our sales to environmental organisations that help solve the world's problems.
✔ THREE UNIQUE DESIGNS: The MAYU Swirl is comparable in three different variants: MAYU Swirl Earth, MAYU Swirl Dolomite and MAYU Swirl Graystone.

Instructions for use:

Leave the MAYU Swirl Dolomite for about 7 minutes with the lid off turn, to sufficiently aerate the water.
Click here for more information and product videos of the MAYU Swirl.

The MAYU Swirl box contains (box contents):

- 1.5L glass carafe with built-in fan (hand-blown class A borosilicate glass; lightweight, crystal clear and dishwasher safe).
- Closing lid made of stainless steel (304) with a silicone seal approved for foodstuffs.
- Vortex generator base - handmade porcelain, combined with automatic charging and touch sensors for a perfect, trouble-free vortex.
- Rechargeable li-ion battery - up to 7 hours of wireless use with a single charge.
- USB A to USB C cable - easy to connect (Note: Most people already have several USB plugs and to save the environment, a USB plug has deliberately not been added but only a USB charging cable. If you don't have a USB-A plug anyway, an adapter can be found in almost all electronics shops).
- Manual.
- 2-year limited warranty.

Technical specifications of the MAYU Swirl Dolomite:

  • Glass carafe: capacity of 1.5L. Carafe made of 100% borosilicate glass with built-in impeller.
  • Base: handmade porcelain, vortex generator coupled with automatic loading and touch sensors. stainless steel 304 base plate.
  • Lid: stainless steel 304, food-grade silicone seal (for storage).
  • Rechargeable battery: 3.7 V, 18650 li-ion, up to 7 hours of wireless use.
  • Cable: USB type A to USB type C, 1.27 mtr
  • Power: 5V - 1A
  • Product certifications: ETL certification, CE certification & FCC certification
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty
  • Weight: 875 g
  • Height: 320 mm
  • Diameter: 140 mm


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