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MLS Laundry magnets - washing without detergent


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Life Miracle USA

MLS Laundry magnets - washing without detergent, the sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, money-saving and proven alternative to detergent.

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MLS Laundry magnets - washing without detergent, the sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, money-saving, patented and proven alternative to detergent. Replaces chemical washing liquid and chemical washing powder. Ideal for people with allergies caused by detergent.

Working method MLS Washing magnets (wash without detergent)

MLS Washing magnets is not an "ordinary" magnetic system. It is made of materials specially approved for use in a washing machine. They work by directly applying powerful, specially calibrated magnetism to change the fundamental nature of water and increase its natural solubility. Indeed, water has long been known as the "universal solvent".

Indeed, it was discovered in the 1950s that chemicals could change the molecular structure of water with the world's first detergent. It was clear that you needed to reduce the surface tension of water to clean better. The concept of the MLS Laundry Magnets is that you can achieve similar results with a unique magnetic technology without chemicals. At the atomic level, everything is affected by magnetism. The MLS Laundry Magnets clean garments by using this principle, instead of aggressive, expensive and chemical detergents.

Washing without detergent (soap)? Is that even possible?

First of all, it is good to know that you do not wash your clothes with soap and you have probably never done so in your life. Detergents are not (natural) soap. They are petrochemicals derived from crude oil. Water is the universal solvent. Water is what ultimately cleans your clothes whether you use detergents or MLS Laundry Magnets. All these products help water to clean better.

The concept behind the MLS Wash magnets is that you can achieve similar results using a chemical-free, fully renewable magnetic base, without using non-renewable petrochemicals. Magnetic force is one of the most powerful forces on earth. In fact, the earth itself is like a giant magnet with a north and south pole. It is an amazing source of natural energy. Even the weak magnets on your fridge defy gravity without batteries or connected to a power source. They stay on your fridge for decades, doing their job and holding papers without an external power source. Where does all this natural power come from? From the environment around us. It is completely renewable and completely free. The MLS Washing Magnets simply harness that amazing power and concentrate it in your washing machine to affect the water. On an atomic level, everything is affected by magnetism. All you have to do is try it yourself and see the results with your own eyes.

Washing your clothes without the use of harsh chemical detergents is an amazing technology. We truly believe in doing laundry with a natural, renewable and permanent magnetic source. With one set, you can go many years ahead (thereby saving a lot of money) and is thus instead of non-renewable detergents with often questionable synthetic chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions. So yes, you can wash without detergent!

Key benefits of MLS Laundry Magnets (washing without detergent) at a glance:

✔ It is an alternative to detergent, without chemicals.
✔ You only buy it once and can do with it for decades.
✔ Don't waste any more money and time on detergents, month after month, year after year.
✔ More eco-friendly option with little waste over time.
✔ Super easy to use and also easy to take to the laundrette.
✔ Good option for people who are sensitive or allergic to detergent (who may even react to natural and non-toxic detergents).

More information and frequently asked questions

MLS Laundry magnets are made with materials of the highest quality. This allows them to provide decades of effective service. In addition, they have two patents and independent laboratory tests that prove they clean as well as chemical detergents. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, see the page FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS MLS LAUNDRY MAGNETS - WASHING WITHOUT DETERGENT.

Use of the MLS Laundry Magnets (washing without detergent)

When ready to wash, place clothes in the washing machine with enough clothes for a normal load and add the MLS Laundry Magnets in the washer. You can put them on either side of the washing drum or together. Set the washing machine to the setting you normally use and start the machine.

MLS Laundry magnets (washing without detergent) need absolutely no "sticking" to the water drum to work properly. There is a variety of washing machines, from front loaders to top loaders, and indoor washing drums ranging from plastic, iron and stainless steel. The material the water drum is made of does not matter, the MLS Washing Magnets (washing without detergent) work in all. The magnets may "stick" together during the washing process. This is perfectly normal and will not reduce their effectiveness, as they still emit the same level of magnetic force whether they are attracted to each other or not. The washing magnets only need to be submerged and/or close to water for maximum effectiveness.


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