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ProOne G2.0 M Water Filter Element for ProOne Water Filter Jug


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The ProOne G2.0 M water filter element for the ProOne Water Filter Jug, has excellent performance in reducing over 200 contaminants!

2 - 3 3%
4 + 5%
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ProOne G2.0 M waterfilter element – ProOne G2.0 waterfilter elementen zijn zwaartekracht filterelementen die de vooraanstaande NSF/ANSI-42-certificering hebben. Ze hebben uitstekende prestaties bij het verminderen van meer dan 200 verontreinigingen, waaronder zware metalen, fluoride, pesticiden, herbiciden, chloor, chlooramines, bacteriën, farmaceutische producten en meer! Ideaal voor gebruik met kraanwater en de meeste natuurlijke drinkwaterbronnen (waaronder water uit meren, rivieren, beekjes, vijvers en regenwater).

ProOne G2.0 water filter elements NSF-certified

Het ProOne G2.0 M waterfilter element is NSF-gecertificeerd (NSF/ANSI 42) en getest door een onafhankelijk laboratorium volgens NSF/ANSI-normen 42, 53, P231, P401 en P473. Zie het laboratory report for more details and the website of NSF.

Kenmerken ProOne G2.0 M waterfilter element:

  • "All-in-one" filter technology - NO additional filters needed for e.g. fluoride reduction
  • The exterior is white ceramic, infused with silver to prevent bacterial growth. The core is new patented AquaMetix™ granular active carbon-based media
  • Pre-priming (making ready for use) is not necessary
  • Cleanable and reusable. Can be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. Therefore does not need to remain wet (saturated) when not in use
  • Available in 5 different variants
  • See independent lab report, tested according to NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, P231, P401 and P473
  • Does not contain aluminium oxide
  • Contains no coconut carbon
  • Preserves the healthy and good minerals your body needs in the water
  • Afmeting: 11 cm
  • Levensduur: circa 850 liter of 6 maanden per filterelement

All ProOne G2.0 water filter elements at a glance, also suitable for other water filter brands

The ProOne G2.0 filter elements are available in 5 different variants:
ProOne G2.0 M water filter element (for ProOne water filter jug)
ProOne G2.0 5″ Prepper water filter element (for ProOne Scout II water filter)
ProOne G2.0 5″ water filter element (mainly for ProOne Traveler+ and Big II water filters)
ProOne G2.0 7″ water filter element (mainly for ProOne Traveler+, Big+ and Big II water filters)
ProOne G2.0 9″ water filter element (mainly for ProOne Big+ water filter)
So they fit all ProOne water filter systems as well as most other brands of gravity water filters (including Berkey and British Berkefeld).

Installation, cleaning and replacement

The ProOne G2.0 filter elements are easy to install, use and clean. Priming is not required and no additional filters are needed to remove fluoride. In addition, the period of replacement depends on how many filter elements you have in use. We therefore refer for all this information, installation help, frequently asked questions and manuals to: Information on ProOne water filters.


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