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Standard for Royal Berkey water filter


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Met de RVS standaard voor Royal Berkey waterfilter kun je gemakkelijk een glas onder het kraantje plaatsen. Dit zorgt voor duurzaamheid en stabiliteit.

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3 + 5%
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Standaard voor Royal Berkey. De Berkey standaard voegt design en functionaliteit toe aan jouw Royal Berkey water filter. The stand is made of polished stainless steel wire and is about 15 centimetres high. This makes it easy to place a glass or cup under the tap. The legs are encased in rubber from below, which prevents damage to the stand and provides extra durability and stability. The stand is available in 4 sizes (for Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey and Crown Berkey), designed so it fits any Berkey water filter.

Deze standaard is geschikt voor de Royal Berkey waterfilter.

Aanvulling op jouw Royal Berkey waterfilter

So order it easily at your Royal Berkey. The stand is a popular addition to a Berkey water filter, which is why we have put together complete sets that include this stand. A set then consists of a Berkey water filter, a stand and a tap (stainless steel or sight glass). Of course, you will then benefit from a set discount. You can find these advantageous sets on our Berkey offer page.

No assembly required

Assembly is not necessary with this product as the stand is one piece. You take off the packaging and it is ready to be fitted with a Berkey water filter.

2 reviews for Standaard voor Royal Berkey waterfilter

  1. Peter Smeets (verified owner)

    Fast delivery = excellent product

  2. George Wattilete

    Zeer goede service, snel handelen en snelle reactie

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