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Ultra Fluoride Water Filter Element


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British Berkefeld

The Ultra Fluoride water filter element offers the ability to remove both naturally occurring, and added fluoride from your drinking water.

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The Ultra Fluoride water filter element allows you to remove both naturally occurring, and added fluoride from your drinking water.
The Ultra Fluoride filter element is of the latest generation of ceramic filter elements for all British Berkefeld gravity water filters. They are made of the same materials as the Ultra Sterasyl filter element and as an extra, filtration material has been added that also reduces fluoride. Otherwise, the performance is similar to the Ultra Sterasyl filter element.

The Ultra Fluoride water filter element is handmade by British professionals to reduce common contaminants such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals (including lead) and fluoride. Designed for use to significantly improve the clarity, taste and odour of drinking water. This filter element is inspired by nature and made from natural raw materials to deliver superior flow rates in gravity water filters, without the removal of naturally occurring minerals from your water.

The Ultra Fluoride water filter element produces safe and palatable filtered drinking water with up to 99.99% removal of common contaminants, including fluoride. Each Ultra Fluoride element filters up to 1,500 litres of water. Or you should replace it after 6 months.

Each Ultra Fluoride filter can purify around 20 litres per filter element per 24-hour period. In addition, they are so powerful that they are capable of effortlessly purifying river, ditch and groundwater into safe drinking water.

Product features Ultra Fluoride Water Filter Element:

- Removes up to 99.99% of common contaminants
- Also reduces fluoride
- Good flow rates in gravity filter systems
- The filter element is made of 100% natural raw materials
- Antibacterial properties and silver used to prevent bacteria from regenerating on the ceramic element
- While reducing contaminants, it retains naturally occurring minerals that make water taste great
- New filter elements that have not yet been used can be stored indefinitely.


Only rinse the Ultra Fluoride filter elements briefly under a cold tap to remove the production dust. Then place the filter elements in the upper container and fill the upper container with water. Let the water run through, the filter speed will increase as the filter elements slowly fill with water. Still throw away the first running water (or give to the plants). Then you are ready to use!

Maintenance tips for Ultra Fluoride water filter element

The Ultra Fluoride filter elements are best cleaned once a month with an abrasive sponge under running cold water. This will remove the layer of deposits created by the substances removed from the water and the filter elements will flow better again. Again: depending on which water is being purified, you may be able to clean more often than once a month.


-> You can also place this filter element in Berkey water filter and/or in a ProOne water filter.


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